5. Getting games

    Once everything is setup, it is time to get some games. Click on "Get YoFlash Games" or "Get FGD Games" will bring you to the games-list interface. The game list interface divides into two panes. The left of is for filtering the games and the right one shows teh games. Note that you can choose to switch between a gridview and a listview.

    In there you can search for games or browse games that may be suitable for your webpage. Default categories have been set-up for you during the installation. These categories connect to a specific external feed from yoflash.com or flashgamedisribution.com . Both interfaces are not identical and the yoflash Interface offers more options to control categories or search for games.

    Each game shown in the interface is an item, that shows additional features of the game. Hover over the image of the game to see a description or click on the image to play (and test) the game directly in your browser. The icon underneath the game name show additional information, like if the game has a bigger thumbnail, screenshots or a link to a video.

    Next, there is the publisher buttons consisting of "Publish" and a direct upload button. The Publish button will bring you to the game setting interface where you can change options, like the description, instruction, meta information and when the game should be published (and many more). The additional Upload-Button is called the one-click button. One-click will download and install the game without asking anymore questions. (Of course you are able to edit all information later).


    Please publish modules in offcanvas position.