6. Connecting categories to menus

    YoFlash features a very simple category system. The category system is designed to connect to the Joomla Menu system. It is the point where YoFlash connects to Joomla.

    Default categories have been setup for you and there is no need to change them, if you just want to get started quickly<br/
    The category system is mainly to reflect the structure of your games page. It is not very important for the frontend itself and does not allow any options.

    However, bear in mind that all games need to be in at least one category that should be be connected to an menu entry. If you decide to change the structure ofthe categories later it cannot be guaranteed that all games will show up on the frontpage.

    It is new in YoFlash 3.0 that games need to be in a "Main category" and additional secondary categories. This is mostly for SEO purposes.

    Categories and sub-categories can be created by clicking the add / edit button.

    In order to have the game section appear in your front end. Go to the Menus-Management in the Administrator Panel and create a new Menu Item. As Menu Item Type choose YoFlash and YoFlash Category Layout.

    Once the Menu Type is loaded, click the Options Tab and select the category you want to show on the frontend. Choose the number of games to be displayed per page. This is useful to make the game entries fit to your template.


    Congratulations. You have just created you very own Games-Section on your Joomla(TM) webpage.

    Please publish modules in offcanvas position.