7. Updating to yoflash version 4

    Befor you update, please make sure that you have Joomla 3.4 (or higher) installed. Yoflash depends on recent bugfixes from the Joomla CMS

    After you have updated to the actual yoflash 4 version, you will need to go to Yoflash->Settings and press the Save button because some of the settings might have been changed and need to be saved in teh Database. The same cound for your yoflash template. Go to yoflash->template->[your_template] and press the Save button.

    If you use any of the plugins provided by YoFlash you need to update them as well. Updated versions have been put in the Download Section of this website.

    Yoflash version 4 differs greatly from the previous versions it makes use of the new gamefeed from the yoflash website. The gamefeed is designed to take games from some webpages (at the moment FOG and Kongregate more coming soon) automatically as new games come available and insert those games in a structured way. Since yoflash is deigned to offer the admin a lot of freedom in the way he/she chooses how to display games, the yoflash -> get yoflash games section needs to be updated MANUALLY!

    Apart from the "All games" entry, all other entries won't work anymore and you have to copy&paste new links from the yoflash catalogue to your admin panel.

    Once you are happy with the filter setting, either click in the grey box where the link is shown (the text will be marked automatically) and copy the whole link. Alternatively, click on “Copy to Clipboard” to copy the link.

    Once you copied the link, switch to your yoflash administrator panel and click on “Add yoflash games”. The panel to the left show the titles of the associated links. Click on the edit button and a window will appear. Replace the old link with the new one. Alternatively create a new link by clicking on the “New Category” Button located at the bottom of the sidebar.

    In the new little window you paste the link from the yoflash website into the link field and save. You can also change the title if you want to.

    Repeat those steps until all links have been replaced.




    Please publish modules in offcanvas position.