3. Configuration

    YoFlash divides its setting into two parts:

    • General configuration - to be found on the settings button
    • Layout setting - theese are template specific setting to be found in (i.e.) yoflash->templates->defaul

    YoFlash Component General settings

    • Publisher ID can be obtained from yoflash.com. Make sure you are logged in on the yoflash website. Then go to the gamefeed. You will find your publisher ID on the right side. Copy and paste it.
    • Download or embed. YoFlash lets you choose if you want to download or embed the games. Note that images will always be downloaded. The embed option is seriously only for users with a very small webspace. This option should be set to download to avoid loss pf webgame pages in case the files does not exist on the server or the server goes offline! It is highly recommened to set it to download.

    • Statistics (Normal or enhanced). The normal mode is a simple method that counts how often a game has been played. This information is stored in the games database and does not take any space. The enhanced mode is designed for game arcade pages that want in detail statistics about how often a game has been played in a time period (etc). It stores every game play in a separate database table. Bear in mind that this table can get very big and may slow down the webpage.

    • Rating. YoFlash features an integrated rating system where Users can vote the game on a scale of 1 (Very Bad) to 5 (Super extremely great awesome game). If the rating system is enabled, you can choose if guests or only registered users are able to rate games.You can choose how often users can vote on games. Typically a session based restriction should be fine.

    • Comments YoFlash features third-party extensions for commenting on games. You have the option between JComments and Disqus (more to come)¬† JComments is a Joomla Component that need to be downloaded separately. Once it is set up, all appear on the games page and you can administer these in the Joomla Administrator interface¬† Disqus is an external webservice! You will need to register on there webpage and setup an account. Administration of comments is completely handled on the diqus webpage.

    • Sharing YoFlash has some builtin buttons for social sharing of the games page. It makes use of YoFlashs new canonical name system. At the time of writing you can only choose to enable or disable Sharing (customisation comes later).

    Please publish modules in offcanvas position.